Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our little Tiger in the Making...

Ty got some golf clubs (I think for his birthday last year) and he goes through phases of loving golf.  Since its starting to warm up and people are offering to take him (his Nana and his godmommy) he is back in the swing of things.  We were at the driving range and someone walking past us made a comment about him being a Tiger Woods in the making.  He turned to me and asked why everyone always said that to him.  I asked him what he thought and he said "Because I'm the only little brown boy here."  Such a perceptive boy he is:)  At least one other person (that I heard) did say something about Tiger Woods to him - its pretty funny.  I don't think he has the patience to follow through on it though.

Lex had a ball watching him, and eating  and throwing the gravel and the soft practice balls he brought.  

In other news I think I've written before about the patch of eczema on Lexi's face that won't go away and how it sounds like she's having trouble breathing.  Well when we took her for her checkup Ciara asked for a referral to a dermatologist.  When I mentioned that it had gotten a lot better when I stopped breast feeding the doctor suggested we do an allergy test.  We got the results back yesterday and it turns out she has a mild allergy to egg whites and a moderate one to peanuts.  She'll need an Epi-pen for the peanuts, especially when she goes to school.  We're not sure about the egg whites though.  It seems like so many things have eggs in their ingredients so thats going to be tricky if we have to cut out all eggs.  We're still waiting for a call back from the our pediatrician's office to see about what she can and can't eat.  We're trying to stay away from anything with eggs in the ingredients.  I was pretty sure macaroni and cheese was safe - i triple checked the label and compared all the ingredients to the list that was on the internet.  She's doing the funny breathing thing again so now I'm thinking maybe I was wrong.  It also makes me think maybe we weren't completely crazy the night we took her to the ER.  She started making the noises right after she was eating something - of course neither one of us can remember what it was she was eating.  

On a final note - this is the reason she might continue to sleep in our bed (or at least fall asleep there) forever!!!  This is the ONLY time she's still and cuddles with me.  Even when she's drinking her bottle and falling asleep she is crazy,  kicking, squirming, pinching and scratching.   She is such a nut!!!!  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update to Add More Photos

Ciara was sad these photos were not included so here they are....

I thought this one was a little Risque but Ciara loves it. You can see the band-aid from her shots at her checkup from earlier. Poor baby mommy made her play dress up after shots and getting her blood drawn. Oh and she's off the chart for her height:) Just makes me laugh becuase Tyler wasn't on the charts either, but only because he was so small.

I took this photo because this image is what saved their behinds after a 5:30 wake up taking care of all three (C - low sugar, Lex - screaming and hungry, Ty - mad because all the commotion wok him up) Notice how everyone except me is calmly and peacefully sleeping again...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Awwwww...except not really

So I saw this post and HAD to get one for Lexi.  Of course it arrived today when so much homework due tomorrow I can't even think straight.  And of course I had to try it on and take pictures because who could resist.  I thought i'd just snap a few quick ones and then come finish my work.  Two hair changes, three underneath changes, three setting changes, and fifty or more pictures later and here I am finishing my homework, oh wait creating a blog post wasn't on my list of twenty things due tomorrow.  I guess it is now.  I might write it down just so I can cross something off:)  But oh so worth it!!!!!!

I got a couple of cute ones but she did NOT want to hold still.  I tried giving her a prop I thought might keep her still and be really cute.  

You can see how well that worked.

This is what the majority of the photos looked like:)  Its going to be nice this weekend so I'm going to take them someplace nice and springy and try again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goodbye Twenties

I said goodbye to my twenties today.  It was a good decade..I can only hope the next will be even better:)  We celebrated by going to the M.elting Pot and eating a ton of yummy fondu.  It was a big hit with the kids - in fact I think it might have been a bigger treat for Ty then me!!  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lexi Learns how to Use Her Bouncer

We got Lex the bouncer for Christmas and while she's never hated it she's never been that big of a fan of it.  I kept trying to get her to bounce up and down in it because I thought when she learned that she would love it.  She never really got the hang of it though so I gave up.  Now that she is so mobile we have to plop her in it if we need to do things like carry the laundry up or down the stairs and the gates need to be open so we don't kill ourselves.  She has learned to climb stairs which is terrifying to me.  I'll post a picture of the stairs in our house so you can see why.  Saturday she managed to get the door on the gate open and followed Ty up two stairs before I caught her.  But I digress...  So yesterday when her Nana was over we put her in the bouncer so my mom could vacuum behind the couches and my dad could fix the baby gate so we had no more incidences like on Saturday.  And look what she learned to do.  

I have no idea if this is interesting to anyone but me but I think it is ADORABLE so I had to share.  I could just watch this child all day and night if I had the time.  I love watching her explore and learn new things.  And her laugh...I can't get enough of it.

Other new milestones is that she can now imitate clapping her hands and she has developed a SERIOUS attitude.  She got mad at Ciara the other day and I swear she snatched something right out of Ciara's hand and then yelled at her.  I couldn't stop laughing but Ciara was able to take it seriously and get whatever it was she had taken away in the first place and told Lex it was not ok to have attitude like that.  I've also seen her snatch things from us that she doesn't want and then throw it on the floor.  Again so hard not to laugh even after I had spent all morning vacuuming and mopping and it was pieces of wet sticky mandarin oranges she was snatching and throwing onto the floor.  

We are trying to keep up doing the signing.  Right now she just uses all done for any and everything.  I have been trying to teach her up, more, and a few signs for food she loves, but she is so impatient and so attitudey she starts screaming at me, won't look at what I'm doing with my hands and certainly won't let me help her little hands make any signs.  Another thing I would love to have some video of.  Maybe I'll have Ciara tape a session one day.  I shudder when I think of her being two or ~gulp~ sixteen.  I am quite positive that I will be paid back for all that I put my parents through as a teenager.

This has turned out much longer than I ever intended.  Probably because I have a TON of homework to do and this is just so much more fun:)  But I really should try to get something done...or at least fully commit to trying to get my little malienta to sleep.

Oh yeah and we have an ant infestation in our BATHROOMS!!!  Why in the world they like our bathrooms is beyond me.  I keep cleaning thinking it must be something they're eating but its not making any difference.  I've been sitting here checking because I keep feeling like ants are crawling all over me.  We meed to find some sort of kid safe something we can spray cause this is horrible!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a nice Easter.  Very laid back.  We found Easter baskets, visited with family, and ate lots of food.  I was totally bummed because with our vacation I didn't have time to go and buy Lexi and Easter dress.  One of the things I was looking most forward to about having a baby girl.  We put her in a couple of dresses that were from when she was younger but they were too small.  I almost made Ciara take me somewhere I could buy her one but we were running late for brunch with my family so we'll have to wait until next year.  (Or maybe I'll get one and stage some Easter pics).  Some pics of the kids enjoying their baskets and the best shot of Lex in the dress we picked in the end (Thank you Buela).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break

Our Spring Break was WONDERFUL.....

Our view from our balcony this time...not quite the same but not bad either:)

Miami Airport.

Dinner on a swinging booth in Coconut Grove.


Ty and Ciara picking mangos.

Lex feeling the ocean for the first time.

She was hesitant at first but once she warmed up to the sand and the water she seemed to have a lot of fun.

Tyler didn't need any warming up.

Mommy's massage under the waterfall.  It was true PERFECTION!!!!

Lex in her little pool her brother made her.

Ciara's Corona shot.

Ty and Ciara getting ready to ride the Jet Ski.

It was a short ride.  He got scared and told Ciara to bring him back that he didn't want to die.

The next day we tried the family paddle boat.  Unfortunately it did not go over much better.  Lex started bawling and Ty complained that he was tired and wanted to go back.  It lasted even less time then the jet ski.

Lex in the ocean.

Lex was pretty good for the flights and slept most of the time.

The sunset from the Treetops restaurant.

Monday, April 6, 2009

More Milestones

Today Lexi signed "all done" when she was done eating and wanted to get down.  We've been practicing for a while, but its the first time she did it by herself.  It was too cute and so exciting for me.  She has started trying to imitate a lot of things and is kind of starting to imitating saying mamama and bababa.  

We have spring break this week and I have been loving spending time at home.  We have been spring cleaning and are going to go to Key Largo on Tuesday.  We're staying at the same place we stayed at for our honeymoon, only this time we'll have kids in tow.  Here's a pic of the view form our balcony last time...

We won't have a water view this time but I'll be sure to post pics from our tree view to compare:)

Lex has become very independent and is very sure about what she does and does not like.  She does NOT like pony tails but I am trying to work with her on it.  This is the first time i have successfully gotten them into her hair again.  I will continue to try (I'm not torturing her she doesn't care once they're in she just doesn't like sitting still for me to do it).