Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ciara's Turn

Ciara insists that when i proposed to her that i told her my plan was that we were going to get married and then have a baby and she could get on board or get out.....while i do NOT remember that conversation being a part of my proposal I do remember that being my "plan". When DC passed legal marriage Ciara said it was her turn to tell me that now she wanted to get married and have a baby, soooo.......

The ceremony was just her sister, my parents and the kids and it was perfect!!!! We did it on our three year anniversary and true to my word we followed up with our first fertility consultation for child number THREE yesterday. It was the fastest consult ever...

Dr - Oh i vaguely remember you...You're skinny thats what made me remember you
Me - yeah still skinny
Dr - let me look over your files......
So it worked last time
Us - yeah, we have a two year old girl now
Dr - ok lets do the same thing
The End