Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Nice breakfast of pancakes.  Such a big girl!  This was the first time mommy used the high chair to feed her.  Much easier than putting her in the bumbo on the table.  We had MANY spills from her wandering hands:)

The new way she gets herself to fall asleep.  It makes me so freaking nervous and as soon as she's asleep I move her.  I check about a thousand times to make sure she can breathe.  This pillow makes me less nervous then some of the other things she's pushed her head under.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pigtails and Stuff

Not too much to say today.  Our internet and tv and phone are all out.  Silly bundles.  Ciara got so annoyed on their third trip out to fix our problems that she canceled the service and kicked the technician out. Unfortunately we now have nothing!!!!  I called and its going to be set back up tomorrow....but its sad how much I rely on those three things!!!  Wanted to post these pics though while I do have some internet.  I know its sad I brought my computer over here to watch the Inauguration because I was in internet withdrawl:)

So close to Crawling..

Watching Obama Being sworn in.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Time Flies...

Look how she's grown!!!!  We haven't been good at taking pictures of her in the same chair or seat so we can see how big she's getting.  I found these two of her in her car seat though.  Now that I am thinking about it I'll start being more conscious about trying to get one of her in the same seat every month or so.

One Day Old

Three Months Old

Six Months Old

Today she got up in the crawling position and started rocking.  She was able to move one hand forward before she fell.  I have a four day weekend (Woohooo for Martin Luther King and Obama) coming up so I told Mama Ciara no more practicing until I get home tomorrow.  I want to be there for the first time she crawls!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

6 Months Already!

So our little Alexis is 6 months and growing so fast! We wanted to have a half a year B-day with just us and a cup cake. We didn't get a chance to do because we had a busy day. 

I thought I would post that she is starting to get up to crawl but when she pushes forward she falls. Its a start and I'm pretty excited about it. She is also starting to be a picky eater. Which makes sense because her brother and mommy are that way as well. She screams a lot! She flirts and its funny! Im sure Im missing something but Ill post on it later on. 

Monday, January 5, 2009

Look Who's Sitting Up..

She's starting to sit up for longer periods now.  She's still pretty wobbly especially if she's trying to get something.  I think she's pretty excited about it as you can see:)  And what is it about babies and remotes.  She had like ten toys on the bed with her (including her own toy remote) but was still most interested in the power cord for my computer and the remote.  I tell you we are in serious trouble when she starts crawling.  She's not even mobile and she's already into EVERYTHING!!!!

Tyler had basketball practice today which I think he enjoyed.  I didn't get a chance to get any pictures though because someone was squirming around and trying to escape from her car seat, or my arms like it was her job!!!  When we first got there she was so fascinated she sat really still.  I was so excited because I was able to read (I'm on the third book in the Twilight series, unfortunately a highly addictive series) but it lasted all of about three minutes and then no more reading for mommy.  She loves trying to turn the pages if she can reach them and screaming at me when she can't.  

Well this turned out to be a rather random post but thats just how my head is to try to read some more and pray for lots of ice and sleet so that we at least get a delay tomorrow:):):)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fun Times During Winter Break.

We have had a fun Christmas break.  Last week we got to meet up with our blogger friends from Love Makes a Family.  They were great.  We met up with them at a museum which we never do so it was fun to take advantage of living so close to DC.  Our little guys had the same due date and Candice and I talked through a forum throughout most of the pregnancies so it was so neat to meet them in real life.  Their boys are adorable and we all really had a good time.  I wanted to kick myself because I forgot to bring my camera which I take everywhere but they said they'd email the pics so when I get them I'll post them.  Although here's The Link to C's post with the pics which is probably easier:)

Yesterday we took Tyler snowboarding for the fist time.  He and Ciara took a lesson, at the end of the lesson they went down the bunny slope and I met up with them.  Ty was laying on the ground crying when I came off the lift.  He said his hands were freezing.  I told him that he could take off his board and walk down and we could go warm up or he could try to board down the hill.  He would get up go a little bit fall down and bawl.  He and Ciara were ready to turn in their boards once they reached the bottom but I convinced them to get some food warm up and try again.  Tyler was great.  The second time we got out there he LOVED it.  Ciara went down the baby bunny slope (barely a hill) once and was done.  Tyler kept going and by the end was doing pretty well.  I left them and ventured out on my own one last time to try the intermediate slope.  I have to say that skiing is not quite as easy to pick up again as biking (I hadn't been in probably 10 or more years).  On the bunny slope where I stayed so that I could watch them in their lesson (and cause I'm a chicken) was fine but I hit a few bumps and some ice on the harder slope and thought I was going to die.  I made it down and actually had a lot of fun.  Tyler is already plotting for another trip but we'll have to see about that.....Skiing isn't the easiest sport on the pocketbook:)

We're all pretty sore today but it was fun!!!!