Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its been FOREVER

So as far as TTC goes, we tried a mini IVF cycle that ended in a chemical pregnancy and we are now waiting to save up money to try again maybe next summer.

An update/Catch up in pictures:)

Had a GREAT time at my ten year reunion.

Cut off all my hair for pride.

Tyler learned to "drop in" at the skateboard park, which means he skates down the side of what looks like a pool to me - as a mom a little scary to watch but he loves it.

Went into DC cupcakes (the first time i had ever passed when the line wasn't down the street so we had to take advantage)

The kids are doing great and get along about 50% of the time:)

We remolded our kitchen....

Ty is getting back into golf, when he's not busy skateboarding:)