Sunday, September 13, 2009

Apple Picking Year Two...

We found a new place to go and pick apples this year and we had a lot of fun. We went with our friends who have a son a year older than Tyler and a daughter a year younger. The kids had a blast. They had a raspberry patch also and Alexis LOVED them, she just couldn't get enough, I think she ate more than that got into the bucket.

Here she is with her little buddy Ryleigh.

What a difference a year makes!!!

The boys and their Ipods.

Again...last year she could only look at the apples.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Words we think we've heard:

She is imitating tons of actions and has a few signs she uses:
all done
waving hi and bye

She has also developed an ATTITUDE when you take things from her or something doesn't go her way...

She has started talking on the phone, using remotes, pointing them at things and pushing buttons.

Oh and she got her first haircut.

Here is her talking on her "phone". I was using the computer so she was watching herself.
She was fascinated and kept waving hi, or trying to pass herself the phone.