Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is a great day! I love food and so it the best day ever. We just eat, nap and maybe a football game to watch. We had plans to visit a few places and decided that one is just enough for us. Megan also made a great pie Pecan. She is an amazing baker and I make jokes that its why I decided to spend the rest of my days with her. She is really good at baking. We are also getting up at like 3am or 4am to do some shopping tomorrow. Im very excited about the deals and Im trying to get a good HDTV. Megan thinks Im a nut to do this but its on sale for cheap! You can't beat $400 less than a usual price right!?  So I wish everyone a Happy Turkey day and get ready for left overs! lol

Hanging waiting to eat

Tyler playing PC games.

Family Photo

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mullet

So I'm thinking Lexi has a full blown mullet. Its cute and all but Im going to have to get rid of it ASAP! I know she is a little young for a hair cut but she has a lot of hair. This came up today at our morning meeting. I call it this because we discuss what are plans are for the day and how we are to get them done. She is a very serious child so I think this will go well with her personally. So we are feeding and eating. Lexi then grabs a big chunk of rice cereal and smears it in her hair. At that time I notice it more than before. I have done a little research on the mullet because I thought it would be fun to do. I have to confess as well I had a little curly mullet as a kid. Not cute at all and I don't know why I thought it was the bomb (no photos of the crazy do). Here is a cute website of Child Mullets and after looking at this site Lexi had no mullet at all. 

Here is the mullet yet hard to see but it is long!

Here is the do after I trimmed it up.

It was very hard to trim because she a wiggly baby but I got it done. Megan was a little mad but it looks so much better now. Sorry Love bug (Megan)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Movie Clips

Here are a few movie clips we have of Lexi. She is doing various things such as rolling over,playing peek-a-boo and so on. I have had merged all the videos together. I have some spanish going for me in a few scenes. Lexi has been so much fun I had to tape it all and put it out for the world to see. I hope you all enjoy these shots. 

LEXI IS Growing So Fast!!!

Our little Lexi is growing so fast. She is starting to roll over and eat food. She is right on target and I can't believe it. She is even sleeping through the night (sometimes). This little nugget is a mover and shaker. What a heart breaker we are going to have. Here are the latest photos of Lexi:

Lexi's First Feast 

Lexi praying I don't feed her anymore Peas...LOL!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Voting and Rice Cereal

Its taken me a while to get these posted but,  last week we voted .....

and tried rice cereal for the first time.  I know its early but I start back to work on Monday and was really hoping it would help with the sleeping for longer at night (although I did just read that's a myth).  As you can see she was not a fan.