Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Love this shot - it just cracks me up. Everyone and their computers:)

When mommy is home the kids have electronic free time, Ty usually fusses but then look how creative they can be when they are forced to:)

We've been baking a lot - can you tell?

We went to a new place in the mall where the sushi comes around on the little dishes that rotate around the center of the restaurant.

And guess who liked sushi. Well it was just avocado and cucumber - but still!!

Today we went to an indoor water park, but they had to shut down for an hour because someone had an accident in the we went bowling instead. Alexis really got into it. She just learned to high five the other day and loved that she found a place to practice her new skill. Oh and she had an awesome happy dance no matter how many pins she knocked down!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Pics from the Holiday

Christmas Eve...Lexi loved getting to play with her little buddy! She was really excited when we let her "hold" her.

Lexi and Ty in their matching pajamas they got to open Christmas Eve. Maybe a little mean to dress them in the same outfit - but so cute we couldn't help it!!!
Baking Christmas Cookies.

We promised Tyler if he could stay up until midnight he could open one present (Ciara's family tradition). He didn't make it so I told him at midnight I would wake him up...this is he proof that we tried:)
Christmas morning. Alexis figured out if you ripped off the paper (a fun thing to do all by itself!!!) there was more fun stuff underneath.

Talking to Eepa on her new phone.
T.ony Hawk's Wii game!!!

Everyone on their computers in bed:) Lex must have been asleep but she got one too - I'll have to get a picture of that at some point too.
The family rocking out to Rock B.and

The kids making a gingerbread house. More candy and frosting made it into their little mouths than on the house I fear - but isn't that half the fun of it.

Lexi actually gets a piece of candy on the house.
Outfits from our kind friends in Morrocco.
We went to a New Year's Eve Celebration. We tried to go to the same one last year but bailed out early because of the cold went to see a movie and missed the fireworks. This year we wised up and drove to the first location. They had music and boat building and sailing. We stayed there the whole time and even made it to the fireworks at midnight.

I was actually only on vacation for part of the break and the other part I was working from home - I have to say I loved it (although it may not look like it from my expression), but it certainly presented its own interesting challenges!!