Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eventful Night

So Lexi's newest addition to her repertoire of noises landed us in the hospital last night.  I have been worried about her breathing lately.  She gets really congested sounding after she eats and being the paranoid parent I am I was convinced that food or liquid was making it into her lungs and that why she was sounding that way.  I haven't been the only one who noticed either.  I've mentioned it to Ciara but she never seemed that worried.  She also has started making this new noise....sometimes it seems like its a game to her and other times it seems like she's actually having trouble taking a breath.  

So last night when we were feeding her she started sounding all congested and wheezing and then started making the new noise.  It was the first time Ciara had heard it and she got really freaked out.  We called our advice line and they said that from what we were saying that they didn't feel comfortable letting her go the night because it could be a precursor to SIDS.  I personally thought that sounded a little extreme and absurd because isn't the whole point of SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome.  There aren't precursors for that - right??   So I managed to convince her we should wait for a call back from our pediatrician.  Ciara put Lex on the phone and the Dr told us to count her breathing and watch to see if it was labored and that she would call back.  Lexi's breathing was pretty fast so the Dr told us a few things to try (saline in the nose to clear her up, feed her again to see if it happened, etc.) and if the breathing didn't slow we should go ahead and take her into the ER, otherwise we could bring her in at 8:30 this morning.  Ciara was pretty upset by the whole thing (stupid advice person and the SIDS comment) and we had decided to go the next morning but as we were going to bed Ciara decided if Lex did die during the night she would never be able to forgive herself and that she felt safer taking her in.  I was just going to drop them off, but the insurance is under my name and I didn't know how it would go so we all just stayed.  

Lex and Ty were great the whole time (we were there from 10:30 to 1:30).  The doctor said he couldn't remember the last time he saw such a happy baby. (I mumbled under my breath so Ciara couldn't hear "Thats because she's not a sick baby!!!")  There was a W.ii in the hallway (the triage person had told Ty there was one in each room)  so once the family who was on "ours" left and Ty got to play on it he did great too.   He brought his U.no Attack and he and Ciara played that while we waited to get to the room.   This morning Ciara took her to see the regular pediatrician and she said everything looked good.  Didn't even mention asthma (the attending Dr was a little nervous about that when he listened to her last night) and she said that babies can learn that if they get a big reaction from a new noise that they'll just keep doing it.  I think this is a scary sign of things to come if at 5 months she's already so attention seeking it caused the family to spend the night in the ER - :) - just imagine what she'll be doing at sixteen :)

Friday, December 26, 2008


We went to our Christmas Eve service at my parents church (the church we were married at) and had Lexi dedicated (its kind of like the Unitarian version of a Baptism).  Lexi was so good through the whole service (the kids do the story of Christmas with Mary, Joseph, the wise men, etc.; and we sing a bunch of Carols) and was perfect for the dedication part.  We got so many compliments on how cute and good she was:) 

Unfortunately the camera's flash wasn't working and the pictures came out horrible.  This was the one that we were able to lighten up a little bit.

Lexi and Nana for the candlelit Silent Night

Ty and his buddy.

Our Christmas was great.  My parents, my brother and his girlfriend came over.  Tyler got a ridiculous amount of presents and we all had a lot of fun watching him tear into them and go crazy!!

Lexi in her new jumper that she ADORES!!!!

We then went to Ciara's parents house and after that to my godparents' home for dinner.  We spent the whole day eating.  It was really a great Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

We finished decorating the tree today and actually finished basically all of the Christmas shopping in one day.  Crazy - don't think I'll try to do that next year.  

There's not too much new going on right now, I'm very sad because it appears I  (or maybe Tyler) somehow lost my IPOD touch.  It came free when I bought my computer for a back to school promo but still....it makes me sad!  I need to sleep so that I can be well rested for our last day of school before the break YAYAY!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas Poses...

Today we went out and got some last minute shopping done. What a crazy thing to do! I still didn't get all the gifts for family and friends. I'm going again Monday because it was just to busy today. I also took a look at some little doggies for my sis. I found the perfect dog, a peekaboo but they didn't let me adopt it. They said they don't let you adopt dogs for gifts. I will try again Monday to see what I can find. It was so little and cute. 

Lexi is now making a lot of new nosies. She likes to grunt and screech. She is really funny when she wants something. 

Tyler wants everything for Christmas. I believe we have spoiled him a little. I have a few surprises for him but I'm not buying him everything. I can't wait until the Big Day. I got Megan something awesome and I really want to see her face. 
OK well it was a busy day for us and its done now. We will relax tomorrow and clean. I'm Hispanic and its traditional to have a clean house on Christmas and to start off the year. Megan thinks I'm a little silly about that but its what I know. So we clean and clean well. 

Anyway, here are a few new Christmas photos from our photographer (Lara) she is so great! She was booked for December but made some room for us so we could have some Xmas photos of the Family. I can now send out the greeting cards to friends and family. I want to wish everyone a Happy New year and a plentiful Christmas. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Family Photo

Today we just got a photo back from our photo shoot for HRC. We volunteered to be a family for an adoption campaign for HRC. I guess we felt pretty diverse and when we got the photo today we all seem to blend together well. I wish we had more shots the photo is just great. 

This week Tyler was out sick from school with a stomach virus and now I think he has a respiratory infection. Having two kids a home is something else. Lexi seems to love her brother being home yet she wants all the attention. Luckily Tyler has so much stuff to play with he doesn't mind so much. We also just got our Christmas tree but I have been having a hard time finding our Christmas tree stand. That being said I also had a hard time finding a Christmas tree stand in the local area. Home Depot was sold out and the Local Lowes had none either. So I made a few more calls and found one at the mom and pop hardware store. I was amazed I mean I didn't think these small guys where making it now days. Yet I'm so happy because they were there and now I have what I need. So tomorrow ill have 2 kids and a tree to put up. Always things to do and so little time. ;-)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Tonight we went to a Japanese Steak House - Lexi LOVED it!!!

We also picked out our Christmas Tree.

Went to a Christmas Party - Lexi was more interested in the paper then the presents.

We threw a baby shower last weekend and this is the cupcake tree I made for it.  We dressed Lexi up and she had a blast.  She's such a party girl!!!

-She's starting trying to sit up on her own
-Has starting saying "mmmm"
-Is rolling over VERY quickly
-Trying all kinds of new foods (including many that Mama sneaks her when I'm not around like Cheerios or those little puffs)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Model

Ok My little Lexi is doing the teething thang. I got a video of her very mad at her toothbrush. Its so cute! 

Here is Lexi modeling her new hat....

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So I have just got back from my visit to Panama on Friday. My reason for the visit was because my grandmother has breast cancer and she is doing very well considering. My Grandmother is the toughest 72~, I'm not sure exactly how old she is because she doesn't want to tell me. Panama has no real public transportation, what they do have are very inexpensive taxi's and souped up school buses. My grandmother had Chemo one of the day's I was there and she was at the hospital all day from 4am to about 330pm. After she was done she waited for a taxi for about an hour and no show. She had to walk a half a mile down a hill to another spot to pick up a cab.  I was impressed she did that even after the chemo and  I was a little mad that her taxi didn't show. Other than just visiting my family and asking about my family tree it was an uneventful visit. I was highly torchured that I had to leave Megan and the kids. Yet I needed to visit my grandmother. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hi Mama, We Miss You!!!

So I have started back to work and blogging is one of the many things I have little time for anymore.  Luckily Ciara has been keeping up with it now that she is the mostly stay at home mama.  This week however she is in Panama with her family so after being harassed I have taken some time to post the video from Ty and Lexi.

Hi Mama we miss you!!!  

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is a great day! I love food and so it the best day ever. We just eat, nap and maybe a football game to watch. We had plans to visit a few places and decided that one is just enough for us. Megan also made a great pie Pecan. She is an amazing baker and I make jokes that its why I decided to spend the rest of my days with her. She is really good at baking. We are also getting up at like 3am or 4am to do some shopping tomorrow. Im very excited about the deals and Im trying to get a good HDTV. Megan thinks Im a nut to do this but its on sale for cheap! You can't beat $400 less than a usual price right!?  So I wish everyone a Happy Turkey day and get ready for left overs! lol

Hanging waiting to eat

Tyler playing PC games.

Family Photo

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mullet

So I'm thinking Lexi has a full blown mullet. Its cute and all but Im going to have to get rid of it ASAP! I know she is a little young for a hair cut but she has a lot of hair. This came up today at our morning meeting. I call it this because we discuss what are plans are for the day and how we are to get them done. She is a very serious child so I think this will go well with her personally. So we are feeding and eating. Lexi then grabs a big chunk of rice cereal and smears it in her hair. At that time I notice it more than before. I have done a little research on the mullet because I thought it would be fun to do. I have to confess as well I had a little curly mullet as a kid. Not cute at all and I don't know why I thought it was the bomb (no photos of the crazy do). Here is a cute website of Child Mullets and after looking at this site Lexi had no mullet at all. 

Here is the mullet yet hard to see but it is long!

Here is the do after I trimmed it up.

It was very hard to trim because she a wiggly baby but I got it done. Megan was a little mad but it looks so much better now. Sorry Love bug (Megan)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Movie Clips

Here are a few movie clips we have of Lexi. She is doing various things such as rolling over,playing peek-a-boo and so on. I have had merged all the videos together. I have some spanish going for me in a few scenes. Lexi has been so much fun I had to tape it all and put it out for the world to see. I hope you all enjoy these shots. 

LEXI IS Growing So Fast!!!

Our little Lexi is growing so fast. She is starting to roll over and eat food. She is right on target and I can't believe it. She is even sleeping through the night (sometimes). This little nugget is a mover and shaker. What a heart breaker we are going to have. Here are the latest photos of Lexi:

Lexi's First Feast 

Lexi praying I don't feed her anymore Peas...LOL!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Voting and Rice Cereal

Its taken me a while to get these posted but,  last week we voted .....

and tried rice cereal for the first time.  I know its early but I start back to work on Monday and was really hoping it would help with the sleeping for longer at night (although I did just read that's a myth).  As you can see she was not a fan.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ready to Boogie!!!!

Happy Halloween

Mommy's first mixed drink in a year!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today we went to see my college roommate "Rahzi" run the Marine Corps Marathon.  It was truly an amazing experience and we were only there watching.  She runs with Team in Training to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Tyler was spending the night at his friends house so we OVERSLEPT and missed pretty much the whole run.   We had to rush to make it to the finish.  When we got there I was completely overwhelmed by how many people were there.  I was positive that we would never see her or find her family and we would just be wandering around for hours. Luckily they had this set up to get online and track the runners (Ciara figured out it gave an estimated finish time - when I sent her back after thirty or forty minutes to make sure) so we found that we hadn't missed her finish.  We found a spot that had a great view and we watched and waited.  It was truly AMAZING listening to all of the stories and watching all of the people cross the line.   Some of them were holding hands, some were being supported on either side to make it across, some of them had blisters so bad they had taken off their shoes, we saw one who had carried the american flag all TWENTY SIX (and point two) miles, another one was being pushed across the finish in a wheel chair.  I kept being scared that we had missed her but we finally did get to see her come up the hill (pretty mean to put a hill in the final stretch of a marathon if you ask me) and round the corner for the finish.

After the finish when we were walking to try to find her both Ciara and I were crying.  We couldn't really explain why but it was just such a moving experience, especially to know someone who actually completed it.

With some complete dumb luck we were able to find Rahz and her family and get some pics!!!

At mile 25 (correct me if I'm wrong Rahz) her husband Ryan even joined her and ran with her almost up to the finish.

Now that we've been to one we know what to expect so for the Marathon in Pittsburgh we're going to be ready and have signs and be able to track her and actually get to see more than just the finish.  (We'll go to sleep extra early)