Friday, October 31, 2008

Ready to Boogie!!!!

Happy Halloween

Mommy's first mixed drink in a year!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today we went to see my college roommate "Rahzi" run the Marine Corps Marathon.  It was truly an amazing experience and we were only there watching.  She runs with Team in Training to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Tyler was spending the night at his friends house so we OVERSLEPT and missed pretty much the whole run.   We had to rush to make it to the finish.  When we got there I was completely overwhelmed by how many people were there.  I was positive that we would never see her or find her family and we would just be wandering around for hours. Luckily they had this set up to get online and track the runners (Ciara figured out it gave an estimated finish time - when I sent her back after thirty or forty minutes to make sure) so we found that we hadn't missed her finish.  We found a spot that had a great view and we watched and waited.  It was truly AMAZING listening to all of the stories and watching all of the people cross the line.   Some of them were holding hands, some were being supported on either side to make it across, some of them had blisters so bad they had taken off their shoes, we saw one who had carried the american flag all TWENTY SIX (and point two) miles, another one was being pushed across the finish in a wheel chair.  I kept being scared that we had missed her but we finally did get to see her come up the hill (pretty mean to put a hill in the final stretch of a marathon if you ask me) and round the corner for the finish.

After the finish when we were walking to try to find her both Ciara and I were crying.  We couldn't really explain why but it was just such a moving experience, especially to know someone who actually completed it.

With some complete dumb luck we were able to find Rahz and her family and get some pics!!!

At mile 25 (correct me if I'm wrong Rahz) her husband Ryan even joined her and ran with her almost up to the finish.

Now that we've been to one we know what to expect so for the Marathon in Pittsburgh we're going to be ready and have signs and be able to track her and actually get to see more than just the finish.  (We'll go to sleep extra early)


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lexi's New Earrings

So today we took Lexi to get her ears pierced. It was a rainy day and the place where we were taking Lexi (The Mall) was jammed with people. I'm thinking its a rainy day and I wouldn't really want to be out in this mess but it seems many were out. I guess people just get bored at home. Anyway, I took Lexi to get her ears pierced and it went fairly well. I mean she cried for just a few minutes then she was OK. I thought there would be a little more crying but not at all. I have a happy baby girl with pretty diamond earrings. I got a few photos before she got in her bath. Check them out: 

Lexi surprised I'm taking a picture

Here is her right and left lobes

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Morning Hair:)

Just felt like sharing these - lol.  I need to get in the shower to get ready to go to class, finish my reading, and practice my flash cards.  Proof that I am the world's greatest procrastinator.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Snoring in Stereo

Lexi has started snoring louder then I could imagine such a small child could snore.  It might be because she has what I think is her first cold.  She had a tiny fever yesterday and had been so fussy and congested I'm assuming thats what it is.  Anyway since Ciara snores it gets almost comical in our room at night.  Last night I wanted to record it because when Lex would be breathing in Ciara would be breathing out.  It was in perfect time like they planned it out.  I have no qualms shoving Ciara when she gets too loud but there is no way I'm waking up a baby because she is snoring too loud.  Lucky for her I find it endearing and cute:)

I also took Lexi to the doctor yesterday.  She's had funny scaly patches on her skin and the day before yesterday we found two that were perfect little circles and looked like they could be ringworm.  When she got the fever I got a little freaked out and took her in.  We called her pediatrician at 12:00 they had an appt. for us at 12:30.  I signed in and didn't even sit down before we were called back and was out of the office by 12:46.  Turns out she has excema and so he told us to use aquafor once a day and if it doesn't get better to cut dairy out of my diet.  Since I used up all of my insurance from being on maternity leave we are paying for that advice but I was so impressed by the office that I am going to switch to the insurance carrier that covers them when I go back.  We had Kaiser before and while I had really loved the convenience of it - the whole building, pharmacy, OB, pediatrician, vision, is about one minute away - but when I took Ty for his 8 year checkup we were there for TWO hours for a fifteen minute appointment.  I think that cutting the wait time is enough to give the PPO a try.

Lexi helping me keep track of my homework.

This cracks me up.  Like she's bracing herself for the ride.  Hold on Lexi:)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Friends Wedding...

What a weekend....A friend of ours got married and at a really neat place in Maryland called The Maryland Renaissance Festival. I had never been to such a cool place. I went once to Medieval Times,  butt this was bigger and just a lot more to do. I really had a blast and would recommend others to check it out, especially if you if have little active boys or little girls that love to dress up. Our son Tyler just couldn't get enough of the archery and jousting. They even had elephant rides & pony rides for the kids. Our friends found this great place last year and decided to tie the knot there. I also was told the mead (a mixture of beer and wine) is the best stuff available. I wasn't sure what to make of it. It was very different and Im not sure that I would try it again. Anyway here are some shots of the festival just to show everyone the action:

Tyler and his Buddy

The bridesmaids

The Bride and Groom cutting the cake

Groomsmen talking about chainmail

Tyler as an Archer

Tyler falling off Jacob's Ladder

The Elephant Ride

Tyler playing with the bubbles

Megan,Tyler & Lexi

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Corn Mazing in North Carolina

We spent the weekend in North Carolina with one of my friends from elementary school.  We had a lot of fun!!!!  Tyler absolutely loved my friend Erika's husband Kevin.  Poor Kevin didn't get a moment to himself.  Luckily he has a son (although not one which quite so much energy) so he was an awesome sport about it.  Also Erika is pregnant with a little boy due in March so Tyler kept telling us that he (Kevin) had to get used to it, whenever we told him to give poor Kevin a break.  The first day they took us to a corn maze.  It was my first time...thank goodness Erika took charge and got us out or we might have been in there all night:)

The fam posing by the pumpkins.

Erika and Kevin with the fam.

Lexi had a good time.

I think the Funnel Cake before the maze was Tyler's favorite part.

Feeling victorious after making it out.

There was a board with everyone's time.  We actually didn't do too bad:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Three Month Birthday Lexi!!

Well its a day late - but better late then never right.

Our newest milestone is that she is starting to try to grab and bat at toys.  When she is on her mat she even gets them sometimes.  I'll post a picture later today when it gets lighter an I'm a little more awake.  

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall for Fairfax

Yesterday I took Lexi, Ty, and his friend to Fall for Fairfax.  I have to say I will not attempt something like that by myself again.  I took the jogging stroller because Ciara says it is best for being on the grass but man was that thing a pain in the butt.  Sure it went over the grass but what is up with those things not turning!!!!  The stupid stroller had to be on two wheels to make even a small shift in direction. I got the added pleasure of the Jonas Brothers being plugged in because Ty had to show off how his friend could plug in his ipod and they could listen through the joggers speakers.  After about twenty minutes Lexi decided she had enough of it also....As you can see she doesn't quite fit into it yet so that might have been part of the problem.

So I was trying to maneuver a stroller while carrying a baby and running after two eight year old boys.  By the end of the I just gave in and let Ty push it.  I think most of the people he ran over couldn't be too mad and maybe even felt somewhat sympathetic watching my carrying and trying to calm a screaming baby and keep up with the boys playing bumper stroller.  I have also been experiencing some serious post pregnancy/baby brain.  When I got their I discovered that I had only one wipe left and ZERO burp rags.  So of course Lexi had a HUGE blowout and I don't even remember how many times she spit up.  Her blanket was so foul by the end of the day I had to do laundry when I got home.  So needless to say I did not get many photos.  The two I managed to get were from before we got into the actual fair but cute nonetheless.

Lexi has started to take some interests in getting some toys into her mouth.  Its super cute because she tries so hard to get them in there but then when she does she looks really mad.  Maybe she doesn't like the taste:)