Sunday, August 22, 2010

The County Fair

We went to the county fair this weekend and the kids had a great time!!! They rode lots of rides and ate funnel cakes and played a few games.

Back by popular demand this year the pig races.

They have the machine where you rent and return them RIGHT when you walk in the main door we always go in. Normally she tries to push them and get in, but you can't get them off the rails unless you pay. Someone tried to return this to the wrong machine, so when we walked into the mall and she ran up to this one and pushed it and it actually came out so they just climbed in and we had to push the silly thing around all night - such goofballs!!!

4 follies, 2.5 mil swimmers, estradiol over 2000
We are currently 1 DPO, TWW = YUCK!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

C.lomid Bites!!!!

So i have started taking C.lomid and am getting almost every side effect on the list. Yesterday i was nauseous, had horrible headaches, and was dizzy all day!!!! Today i've had the pleasure of hot flashes thrown in, although the headaches weren't bad. And the moodiness - lets just say i feel sorry for anyone who has been in contact with me the past couple of days:P

And because what's a post without a picture:) My childhood friend just (well 10 weeks ago) welcomed her son Ben into the world, and i was lucky enough to take a trip down to NC to meet him!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pictures from the Beach!!! Funland was right down the road from our beach house and the kids loved it!!!

CD3 - everything looks good, and we're ready to go:)