Sunday, March 22, 2009

Been A While...

Its been a while, things have been busy and I just haven't had much time for blogging. Also my favorite part is the pictures and we haven't been taking as many. Lex is quite the handful lately. She is a pro at crawling now and has started pulling up on just about anything she can. This makes for MANY falls because a lot of the things she pulls up on are not that steady and they both topple over. She also gets so excited about standing or tries to grab something without realizing she's let go, and over she goes. Although I have seen her stand there for a few seconds on quite a few occasions.

So her milestones this month are: pulling up, standing alone for a few seconds, and her first bloody nose (She terrified her Mama by falling off the bed onto her head and getting a bloody nose - I freaked out, she was fine, but then I felt justified the next day when I heard about Natasha Richardson and the people on the news were saying that all head injuries should be checked because you never know).

And now for the pics:)

One of her favorite places to play...not much sleeping...but she loves to stand up in there and talk to us.

She gets into EVERYTHING!!! This laundry basket kept her occupied for close to twenty minutes, and I only put all the clothes back in once.

Today was beautiful so we took advantage and took the kids out to a bike path and park near our house. They had a great time - and Alexis even seemed to enjoy the stroller. Especially when her Mama practiced her jogging (Thank you Aunt Dina).

She was ok sitting there until she tried to crawl and little pieces of rock, dirt, sticks, etc stuck to her hands.

We spent a long time trying to practice throwing the rocks into the stream like her brother. I thought she would enjoy it because once she's out of the tub she LOVES throwing things back into it. She didn't really get it with the rocks and was far more interested in trying to eat them.

A pretty photo taken by Mama.

Also not such a big fan of the grass. She takes after Mommy like that. I'm not too much of an outdoorsie type:)

She much prefers to be held, as you can see.