Thursday, May 28, 2009

Updates and Firsts

To start off my dad is doing better!!!  He was transfered from the hospital to a rehab center yesterday.  He continues to make progress but sometimes its a couple of steps forward and then a couple back.  He broke his pelvis, his arm, and the bottom of his spine.  He went through two surgeries and a tracheotomy.  He is now breathing completely on his own and was moved out of the bed for the first time in 26 days yesterday to sit up in a wheel chair for about 15 minutes.  His progress is going really well, its just going to be a long road.

And for Tyler's first (and hopefully last) STAPLES IN HIS HEAD!!!!!!  This weekend he was at his friend's house and they were down at the lake at the park and depending on who you talk to they were either skipping rocks and Tyler stepped in front of one his friend threw, or Tyler and another boy were talking and told the third friend not to throw any more rocks, when he did and it hit him in the head.  My guess is the truth is somewhere in the middle.  It stopped bleeding by itself so we thought it was ok.  Today I get a call, from him, saying he needs to be picked up from his after school program because he got hit in the head with a basketball and the cut opened up and was bleeding.  Since I was at the hospital with my dad Ciara picked him up and took him to urgent care, where they STAPLED his head back together.   My mom and I left the hospital and met them there.  He was a great sport about it and we took him to his favorite Chinese food restaurant afterwards so he was ok.

Then just to make sure the evening wasn't too dull...Lexi took her first steps!!!! She is growing so fast I can't even believe it. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trying Desperately to Keep My Mind Busy!!!

So we are in Pittsburgh to watch our friends run the marathon. However it looks like we won't be staying. A few hours ago I got a call that my dad had fallen off a ladder (3 stories) through a window and was in the hospital having surgery on his stomach. My mom is out of town as well (in Wisconsin) (I did find out later though that my brother happened to be in town so he's enroute to the ER as I type). We had to wait about an hour for him to get out of surgery to hear anything. The news is better than I had thought. His blood pressure was super low so they thought there was internal bleeding. They couldnt' find anything however they still can't figure out why the pressure is so low. As soon as they can stabilize him they're going to scan him to see if they can find some answers. I am sitting in the hotel room waiting for Ciara to bring dinner (i finished packing, checking email, reading new blocks, checking facebook, which is why i'm typing here), then we're going to pack everyone back up (we arrived about 6 hours ago after a six hour drive - don't even ask about THAT). I hear them at the door though so I will go eat and try to recharge a bit...for those of you who pray please say one for my daddy:) For the rest of us lets just think positive healthy thoughts for him!!!!